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Girl with Toys

Specialized Behaviour Support

Do you feel the road ahead is long and you feel all alone?

Emu Ed is here to guide you through the steps to best support your child. Learn to connect with your child and lead with your heart. We will implement programs tailored to your family to reduce inappropriate behaviours and increase positive, socially significant behaviours.

Skill Building Programs

Is your child not learning in the same way as other children? Do they struggle to pick up and maintain skills?


Emu Ed uses a range of specific evidence-based techniques that are tailored to your child's learning. These strategies support your child to learn and generalize functional skills in every-day life.

  • Communication Skills

  • Social/Play Skills

  • Emotional Skills

  • Community Access Skills

  • Pre-academic/Academic Skills

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Child Doing Art Activity
Brushing Teeth

Self-Care Skills

Is it a battle to get your child to brush their teeth, get dressed and eat the same foods as everyone else?


Are you struggling with potty training or sleep?

Emu Ed programs build children's autonomy and independence in a range of areas including:

  • Toileting

  • Sleep

  • Food tolerance

  • Meal-time behaviour

  • Dressing

  • Brushing teeth... and more!

Fists in Solidarity

Parent Coaching

Understanding why behaviours are occurring and which strategies to use can be tricky to navigate. Through parent training Emu Ed empowers you with the tools to problem solve situations and use techniques that best support your child to learn, grow and develop positive behaviours and functional skills. 


Professionals Training

Managing a classroom of diverse educational needs can be challenging at the best of times.


Emu Ed provides training workshops to help educators and other professionals understand why behaviours occur. We then develop practical strategies for a vast array of skills from emotional regulation to communication, social skills and academics.

BCBA, BCaBA & RBT Supervision

Get your supervised fieldwork hours!


Online supervision with a BCBA with over 20 years of experience in the field of disability and behaviour support. Skills and experience in early intervention, working with youth, complex behaviours and managing a team of behaviour therapists.

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