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Empowering families and their children to reach their full potential

Caring Child

Parents desire the best for their children

It is normal to feel like we've tried everything to get kids to sleep all night, eat the food we cook for them, be toilet trained and avoid constant meltdowns when shopping. But, sometimes it feels like nothing's working!

As a parent, you should not be expected to have the answers for everything and always know what to do. Learning, loving and growing yourself are the greatest gifts you can give to your child. Emu Ed works with you to discover strategies that you can trust and that work for your child.

Emu Ed helps you to create better connections and maximize your child's learning potential to become autonomous and embrace their individuality.

Our Vision

Emu Education - Parent and Behaviour Support believes in providing behavioural and educational therapy to support children to reach their full potential. By building the skills of children and their caregivers, we can enable children to be confident and independent individuals.

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